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Trotec Laser Systems machine service and repair.

With over 15 years combined experience servicing Trotec Laser Systems based in Maidstone, South East England, Kent Lasers has become a trusted service provider for the Trotec range of laser cutting and engraving systems.

Across the range from entry-level RayJet systems, right up to the Speedy 200 and Speedy 300 (Professional) machines, we can offer quality of service (that has been traditionally reserved for main dealers) with unbeatable pricing.


Each Trotec laser cutter repair is undertaken with pride and attention-to detail, leaving your machinery performing as good as new! We have serviced hundreds of these machines, providing routine repairs, optical re-alignment, complex fault finding and complete strip-downs; a system can be made to look, and perform like new, with your total satisfaction guaranteed.

If your Trotec Laser cutter is low on power Kent Lasers can also offer repair and refurbishment of your air cooled ceramic laser tube.


We operate a no fix - no fee service, with dozens of successful repairs undertaken. If you notice a drop off in power whilst cutting, or your materials database settings can no longer process jobs as when the system was new we can help!


Our technicians are highly experienced with Trotec Laser machines, Providing quality service by fully trained engineers. We can offer repair and service costs lower than our competitors, whilst maintaining truly unbeatable quality.

If your ceramic air-cooled laser tube is low on power, or struggles to keep up after running for a short time, we can help re-gas, refill or replace your laser cartridge. Our own brand of replacement air cooled laser cartridge can also be supplied with 24 month warranty! 

Trotec Laser Service.jpg
Trotec Laser Service.jpg

Our Mission

We offer support for various Trotec Laser Systems models including RayJet, Speedy 200, Speedy 300, Speedy 400 and all Synrad and Iradion Ceramic Core Laser Tubes.

If you are looking for Trotec 2.0 lens Honeycomb cutting table Trotec servicing and laser tube refill or any other associated part then please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Core Values

No Contracts, Ever!

Simple, quality servicing as and when you need us, with fast turn around and call out times. Quality annual servicing without the contracts!

Low Cost Spares & Consumables

We source the exact same parts directly from the manufacturer; save hundreds on Main Dealer pricing.


Inclusive support for all customers, training provided for new teaching/production staff and technical support at no additional cost.

Our System Range

Our Systems
Please Contact Us to discuss our Servicing or range of UK Made Laser Cutting Systems
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