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communication / X-Axis error

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Our UK based technicians, servicing Trotec Laser Cutting systems would consider the Trotec range of laser cutting machines to be of excellent quality, and certainly one of the better brands on the market. However they are not without faults. A common (and possibly a simple to fix) problem is the Lasererror 131 message. This is a common issue on the Speedy range of machines and can be caused by one of two faults;


The first work around for this error is to move the 131 error-message-window from the centre of the workspace, this may reveal another error message (which actually precedes the 131 error) regarding the PC serial port. This is caused by outdated USB conversion drivers within windows;

On older Trotec controllers, an FTDI chip is utilised, which converts the serial communication from the machine controller/logic into a format which can be transmitted via a USB interface to the control PC (and Job Control software).


Advanced (and more up-to-date) motion controllers no longer utilise the FTDI chipset, and  instead have switched over to WinUSB, which is a quicker, more convenient and robust system. 

The first step to resolve this issue would be to find the "USB-to-serial" device in windows device manager. The automated "Update Driver" method within windows will usually find more up-to-date software and install accordingly. (This can be more prevalent on older versions of windows, or where automatic updates have been disabled)

Please note that in order to fully resolve this error, the Trotec Job Control software must be closed before attempting to update. Furthermore a restart of Windows will also be required.

Finally if Windows update cannot find any new software, the FTDI drivers can be installed manually by downloading them from the manufactures website, which can be found here:


Please remember to download the software for your specific version of windows.

We would suggest users seek relevant information from their system provider before attempting this procedure, please note there are specific procedures and sequences required when manually installing device drivers. If in doubt, please contact us.

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Unfortunately this error can also be caused by a fault on the left-hand-side Trotec Job Control PCB. This requires the connectors on the board to be re-flowed, as the joints are placed under stress with the continual movement of the carriage/gantry.

This is unfortunately beyond the scope of this tutorial, as it requires very careful handling and disassembly. 

Our technicians have achieved a 100% success rate, with repair, which avoids the expense of having to order replacement connectors, or entire sub assemblies directly from the manufacturer.

If the above software update does not resolve this issue, please get in touch with us, and we would be happy to provide advice and repair if necessary. 

For further advice on any aspect of CO2 Laser Cut maintenance, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.