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We Service all brands of Laser Cutting Equipment

Kent Lasers are an INDEPENDENT service provider for all types of laser cutting equipment. This means we are not tied to any single brand or type of machine, enabling us to provide competitive repairs and service, staying up-to-date with all the latest technologies and industry developments.

Many service providers who are tied to a particular brand, often refuse to provide support for clients with varying equipment brands, lacking the knowledge and experience to provide first-rate service, and unbiased advice.

We always endeavour to provide cost-effective repairs of clients equipment, regardless of age or manufacturer, backed up with in-depth knowledge of the electronics, software and mechanical set-up of each system.

If you are looking for annual laser cutter service or routine laser cutter servicing and laser repairs we can help, providing complex fault finding  diagnostics, appraisals and full system refurbishments. We are fully insured, and every technician is DBS checked, with a minimum of 5 years experience.


Universal Laser Systems


Universal Laser Systems Service and repair

Universal Laser Systems have been manufacturing Laser Cutting Systems since the late 1980's with various models now available from their entry-level VersaLaser VLS3.50 through to their Versa laser VLS platform systems Universal Professional PLS6.75 and ILS universal laser cutter models distributed via dealers such as Denford and various other laser cutter suppliers.

The design of these machines is fairly similar throughout the range, offering average reliability. The mechanical design of these machines is now showing its age, with other (often cheaper) laser cutting systems offering higher output power, more substantial mechanical components and precession "ball" carriage bearings instead of the plastic wheels utilised on the Universal range of cutters which can wear prematurely.

We would consider these machines to be overpriced and underpowered for most users given the design and specification offered. Consistency is however generally good, with high-resolution stepper motors being used in their design.

If you are noticing a loss of power on your Universal Laser Systems cutter your laser tube may require a recharge or laser tube regas. We would advise clients who are having power loss on their laser cutter or noticing difficulty cutting through materials to contact us to discuss the likely causes and costs involved with repair. 

Our technicians are amongst the best available for providing universal laser cutter servicing and universal laser cutter repairs in London and the South East.

Kent lasers can service and repair the entire ULS range including older legacy machine, which may suffer from various electrical failures and faults with stepper drivers and logic / motherboards.

Trotec RayJet and Speedy

Trotec Laser Service.jpg

Trotec Laser Servicing and Repair

Trotec offer excellent performance and cut quality, with, in our opinion, one of the best designed machines currently available. The buy-in cost of these system are, however prohibitive for some users, with mid-level machines often costing upwards of £20K. Combined with extremely high servicing costs and the cost of parts (which sometimes have to be sourced via Trotec)  these machines are often reserved for high-volume producers who run equipment most of the working week.

The mechanical design of Trotec machines is generally excellent, with high-quality bearings and precision linear guideways being used throughout. We have however noticed a high failure rate on the Iradion laser tubes (Ceramic core laser tube low on power) fitted to the later versions of these machines. This can sometimes require very costly repairs. We suggest any users who are experiencing power loss on a Trotec laser cutter to contact us for advice.

Trotec's Job Control software, provides an intuitive and feature-rich interface for the laser, but can sometimes throw up firmware errors due to USB drop outs. If you have the laser error 131 we would suggest checking the USB connection to the Trotec Speedy Laser Cutter.

Trotec Mirror Alignment is usually fairly consistent, however if you are noticing low power on a Trotec laser cutter, please do not hesitate to get in touch for advice and support.

We can also offer Trotec focus lens, laser mirrors and other consumables for your Trotec Speedy 300 Speedy 400 or Trotec Ray-Jet laser cutter with both Synrad and Iradion laser tubes.

Our expert engineers have many years of experience repairing and servicing Trotec laser cutters.

GCC Spirit, Mercury, X Series

Technology Supplies laser cutter.jpg

GCC Laser Cutter Servicing and Repair

GCC Laser cutting systems are produced in China and distributed via UK dealers such as Grafityp and Technology Supplies. Utilising plastic linear guide-wheels and aluminium running tracks, maintenance of these machine can be more frequent, as these parts tend to wear more than traditional steel "ball" carriages utilised on systems from other manufacturers. GCC Auto Focus Probe and GCC Auto Focus Sensor can also be common failure items.

These systems do however utilise servo motors, which can provide very smooth and accurate motion on properly maintained systems, which is a nice feature.

The main areas of service on these machines is mirror alignment. As these systems are often set up with 4, (or even 6 mirrors on some models) there is certainly more items to adjust in the optical path from the laser tube - and more parts to drift out of calibration.

If you have noticed a loss of power, or your laser cutter is not cutting through materials, this may be due to bad laser mirror alignment. Damaged laser mirrors and scratched laser lenses are common faults on these systems due to the exposed nature of the laser optics. These components will then require replacement.

These machines also utilise glass laser tubes on some models (such as the X252). If you laser tube is low on power or your laser tube has cracked it will require immediate replacement.

Offering GCC Laser Cutter Repairs in London and the South East, we can provide fast repairs of your GCC, Technology Supplies or Grafityp laser cutter with fast turn-around and expert technicians.

We Can Service all GCC Laser Cutting Machines Including X Series GCC Mercury C Series Desktop and Platform systems.

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Please Contact Us to discuss our Laser Machine Servicing and Repair.
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