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Laser cutting and engraving machines have become an important piece of equipment in schools and educational establishments. They are a great way to inspire young minds, offering a comprehensive introduction into engineering and design for manufacturing; this is emphasised with the growing importance of STEM fields within secondary schools and further education.


Reliable laser cutters have traditionally cost tens of thousands of pounds, which can make acquisition of such equipment difficult. Kent Lasers are the only company to offer a competitively priced UK laser cutter solution, which is designed and manufactured in the UK featuring easy-to-use software and long-term reliability, in addition to advanced features. This allows your design & technology department to give students a comprehensive understanding of laser materials processing, which is the back-bone of UK and global industry. Understanding and awareness of this technology also lays the foundation for a comprehensive grounding in manufacturing.   


The importance of a reliable UK laser cutter cannot be underestimated; our machinery is designed specifically for the rigours of educational environments, with advanced safety features and high durability. Our rage of UK laser cutting and engraving systems offer a low maintenance solution for school, colleges and universities meaning annual budgets can be utilised for important learning materials, rather than expensive servicing, repairs and maintenance. Kent Lasers ensures acquiring a UK laser cutter for education is an easy process, with impartial advice, unlimited technical support and a comprehensive range of safe UK made machinery.

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Educational Range: Desktop

Desktop Systems: SOLO V3.0

SOLO is an advanced laser cutting and engraving system offering 600x310mm cutting area and accommodating 50mm maximum material thickness. Fitted as standard with an uprated 45W air-cooled laser module, this system offers performance usually reserved for high-cost machinery. Solo+ upgrades the basic package to digital sure-step motor control, and HTE (High Transfer Efficiency) laser tube with integrated red dot.  Our new SOLO XT model (eXtended Travel) adds 140mm of motorised Z-travel in addition to a 35W RF (metal tube) laser source for high speed cutting and engraving with slightly larger cutting area of 620X360mm - offering truly unbeatable performance at this price-point! Guaranteed to beat the performance of other brands at twice the cost!


Now available with advanced software package offering useful features, job setup and ease of use. This is extremely beneficial, as users do not have to learn difficult job setup or processes. Maximum software compatibility is guaranteed, with the software remembering the last settings used - ideal for re sending jobs in the same material. Compatible with all Windows OS. Export files directly from AutoCAD, Illustrator and 2D Design. 

Solo is also extremely compact, with a footprint of 905mm (W) 700mm (D) 360mm (H).

Designed for the rigours of educational environments where everyday use is essential, low servicing requirements and cost of ownership.  (The first service is inclusive of the machine cost).

We recommend the use of a BOFA AD350 fume extraction system with this laser cutter.

SOLO Range from £4395.00

Automatic Air Assist compressor included!

Installation and training inclusive!

Honeycomb bed insert included!

All pricing subject to VAT at 20%.

BOFA AD350 from £1400

Basic Fume Extractor from £275

Educational Range: Platform

Platform Systems: Prestige Series V3.0

PRESTIGE SERIES is a highly capable laser cutting and engraving platform offering industry leading technologies and features. Available in two variants; 600x450mm cutting area with 55W laser power (PS6.45) and 900x600mm cutting area with 80W laser power (PS9.60). (Offering 100mm and 125mm automated Z travel respectively).

These systems are highly durable, designed for daily use and are supplied with integrated laser air cooling, a first for machinery at this price-point.

Our unique control system negates the need for learning 3rd party software packages (software is easy to use and set up, with settings memory). Featuring speed and power assignment by layer, including full speed, power, cut frequency management, making it even easier to produce beautifully cut items.

Offering the smallest footprint of any laser cutting system for respective bed size. Designed to be user friendly with low cost of ownership, and low servicing requirements.


Ultra small-spot size for fine detail and intricate cuts!

We recommend the use of a BOFA AD Oracle fume extraction system with this laser cutter range.

All pricing subject to VAT at 20%.

Installation and training inclusive!

Automatic Air Assist compressor included!

Ultra fine

spot size.

Honeycomb or pin bed (slats) included!


Prestige Series from £7495.00

BOFA AD ORACLE from £2100

Basic Fume Extractor from £275

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