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Meet SOLO, our Desktop Laser Cutter Range...

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Compact, Quiet & Productive.

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Integrated Air Cooling.

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Latest Features & Software

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Large Cutting Area 600x310mm
or 620x360mm



Solo SE
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"I love the precision, cleanliness and reliability of my SOLO-SE machine and have found it very straightforward to use: handling production runs is a breeze"
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Solo SE was designed as a high-performance and feature rich entry-point into laser materials processing. Providing the user with lots of useful features as standard, such as a red-dot for materials alignment and an integrated air compressor which is both noise-free and starts/stops automatically when a job is being run. Solo is a great addition to any Design & Technology department, being inherently safe for student use. Solo is also a indispensable tool for crafts manufacturing, product prototyping and customisation and cutting and laser engraving a vast range of laserable materials. 

SOLO SE Features:

  • 35W High Transfer Efficiency Air-Cooled laser cartridge.

  • 600x310mm Materials processing area.

  • 40mm Maximum materials height.

  • Honeycomb Insert

  • Downdraft bed

  • Red Dot pointer

  • Integrated air compressor

  • Advanced software that's easy to use.

  • 12 month warranty

  • Dimensions: Width: 780 Depth: 670 Height: 365 (mm)

£5395.00 (No Extraction)

£7295.00 (Package with BOFA AD350 fume extraction)

Basic fume extraction from £325.00 (Vent-to-air)

"Our Solo Plus runs all day long laser engraving fine detail, allowing us to flawlessly produce our product range. Its fast engraving speed allows us to keep our customers happy"
Solo Plus
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Solo Plus retains all of the features of the SE model, with the added benefit of an RF laser cartridge, 140mm Z and advanced side-draft extraction; this gives the user the ability to create photo-quality engravings at insanely fast (and industry-leading) speeds. Solo Plus will outperform any system available in this price-point with ease. Solo is great for engraving photo-quality images on a vast range of materials, engraving of very fine detail and text as well as cutting of intricate shapes, in delicate materials. Featuring the latest digital drive technology, 25Khz laser signal modulation, high-torque, low mass motion system designed exclusively by Kent Lasers - no other machine brand has access to this technology, and Solo beats them all by a considerable margin!

SOLO Plus Features:

  • 35 or 65W RF Fast-Response Air-Cooled laser cartridge.

  • 620x360mm Materials processing area.

  • 120mm Maximum materials height.

  • Honeycomb Insert

  • Sidedraft extraction

  • Red Dot pointer

  • Integrated air compressor

  • Advanced software that's easy to use.

  • 24 month warranty

  • Dimensions: Width: 780 Depth: 750 Height: 360 (mm)

£8995.00 (35W - No Extraction)

£10,695.00 (35W - Package with BOFA AD350 fume extraction)

£14,495.00 (65W - No Extraction)

£17,195.00 (65W Package with BOFA AD Oracle fume extraction)

Basic fume extraction from £325.00 (Vent-to-air)


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