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UK Laser cutting equipment.

Our laser systems were designed and built with market versatility in mind. Below you will find a brief overview of the many broad applications in various markets where our systems are used today.

Our systems are designed with many features that will assist you as your business expands and new market opportunities unfold.

UK Laser Cutters for Education

Laser Cutters for Model Making

Laser Cutters for Manufacturing

Laser Cutting for Crafts

Customisation with UK Laser Cutter

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Laser Cutting for Schools and Education

Creative tools for Education


Lasers have revolutionised the teaching of CAD/CAM in education and their versatility allows them to be used across the curriculum. From fine engraving onto textiles to cutting acrylic and wood, the applications really are endless and allow students of all abilities to achieve fantastic results and push the boundaries when it comes to their design concepts.

The advantages of having a laser in place are clear but when asking our customers this is what they said:

  • Simple and rapid CAD/CAM potential

  • Extremely high levels of accuracy

  • easy production of complex shapes

  • fast cutting speeds

  • high quality cut edges and engraved results

  • rapid repetition – production potential

  • wide range of materials can be processed

  • small amounts of waste generated

  • no need for jigs &

  • quick set-up from design to final product

Design Technology is the most commonly used section of the curriculum to benefit from the integration of a laser but its uses can span across to textiles, food technology and resistant materials. The applications for a laser in a school really are limitless

Our exclusive UK Laser Cutter range can be found here!

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Laser Cutting for Architectural Design & Model Making

Create intricate architectural models using wood, acrylic or other materials


Many architectural firms and schools use our laser systems to create precise scale models that accurately represent topography, elevation and space. Our laser systems can make your models more realistic because laser systems can process materials traditional methods cannot. With a laser system, the doors in your model can be made of real wood. It’s as simple as creating a CAD drawing, processing the artwork with the laser system and assembling the finished architectural model.

Client proposals and presentations take on a new look with laser processing. Quickly and easily produce realistic, precision-cut scale models in-house. Scribe or cut mat board, acrylic and other plastics, wood, paper and most non-metals crisply and cleanly.

Architectural model making has become an important tool to produce client presentations and entire development models. Many model makers are realising the effectiveness of laser cutting in-house with the cost savings earned and the ability to rapidly make small design revisions or changes to entire building facades. 

All our our machine range can be used to produce the most intricate of designs in a vast array of materials. For architectural laser cutting of wood, plastics, acrylic, laser engraved veneers, marquetry, profiling and relief of landscapes new developments and elevations.


The possibilities are endless! Please see our INDUSTRIAL RANGE of laser systems!

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UK Laser Cutter for Manufacturing

Laser Prototyping and Batch production.


Personalisation has become very popular and laser engraving is a great way to generate additional revenue and higher margins. Laser engrave logos, text, artwork and even identification numbers on iPods, phones & accessories and hundreds of other items.

We offer a variety of laser systems for consumer facing applications. Quickly customise products including electronics, sporting goods, musical instruments, and automotive trim.

With our laser systems, cutting, marking, graphic imaging and engraving capabilities can be applied to leather, fabric, stainless steel, anodized or coated metal, brass, glass and marble.


Additionally you can easily add value to the gift items you already sell. By turning simple objects into unique, personal items, you can grow your product line and business with little additional effort. With a laser in place you can permanently mark and engrave a wide variety of materials with a machine that is designed to grow with you as your business expands.


Kent Lasers gives you more creative options than any other means of cutting, engraving, or marking. Images created in any software, including Illustrator®, AutoCAD®, SolidWorks ®, and CorelDraw®, can be easily recreated on materials such as Mylar®, matboard, marble, wood, glass, fabric and leather.

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Laser Engraving.jpg

Laser Photo Imaging

Having a laser system in-house gives you the ability to produce images and graphics on a variety of materials, including marble, wood, metals, glass, acrylic, plastic and more.


Our integrated software automatically applies filters to adjust contrast and definition, creating a picture-perfect photo engraving every time without the need for additional 3rd party software.

Our own range of UK manufactured laser systems also offer cutting edge features to manipulate and process images for laser engraving and marking. These features offer industry-leading quality and are exceptionally easy-to-use. This can be something as simple as as QR code laser engraving on acrylic, or laser photo engraving on wood and other organic materials.

Most all materials can be processed, including laser engraving onto acrylic, vector laser marking of wood (including laser engraving MDF Plywood and veneers, ect)

Laser power can be controlled with ease, meaning the contrast and depth of an engraving is within the users complete control!

Create product packaging without dies or tools!


Lasers are ideal for package development. A packaging idea can go from design to prototype in a single step and revisions can be made quickly without the expense or time allowance for new dies and cutters to be produced. Furthermore more intricate designs can be produced in comparison to cutting dies traditionally used in manufacture.

The range of lasers offered by Kent Lasers Ltd frequently outperform other packaging creation methods in flexibility, production and precision; create mock-ups, packaging, and point-of purchase displays with speed and accuracy.

Produce specialty die cuts on a variety of materials and perform multiple processes in the same work area, including through-cutting, perforating and scoring.


Eliminate post-finishing and add dimension to visual communication items.

laser cut cardboard.jpg

Paper Cutting & Laser Cutting for Textiles

Cut patterns, produce appliqués and engrave fabric.

laser cut paper.jpg

Laser paper cutting and crafts.


The range of laser systems offered by Kent Lasers Ltd consistently provide much higher precision over a broader range of materials than other methods, and there is no need to learn new software.


Working with the software you already have, the cutting, etching and marking of intricate shapes on any kind of paper, including cardstock, vellum, and tracing paper can be performed with ease.

Paper Die Cutting

Create interesting annual reports and other collateral pieces. Precise cuts and sharp curves are easy to produce with a laser system.


Cut materials such as Mylar®, mat board, cardstock, oil paper, vinyl and other materials to create art stencils, home decor stencils and official stencils for spray-painting letters and numbers!

Laser cut denim and laser engraved textiles.


Laser engraving produces a unique look on denim, and the contrast can be dramatic depending on the colour of the denim. Some clothing manufacturers use lasers to create "stone-washed" and "whisker" effects on jeans.

Textiles such as micro-suede and microfiber look exceptionally effective when laser engraved. Logos, text and artwork can be laser engraved into the material to add value to the items you already sell.


Virtually all materials (Please ensure compatibility with your laser first!) can be personalised using laser materials processing, this can allow for logos and intricate laser cuts to be produced on your choice of material.


Leather laser cutting is also a popular service, and can be used to personalise existing items, such as wallets, belts and clothing, as well as creating new designs using your laser for laser cutting leather. 

Very little edge finishing is required an most materials, with textiles requiring absolutely no edge finish when removed from your laser cutting system. Furthermore due to the heat inherent in a finely focussed laser beam, no fraying of material will result as the material fibres are bonded  at their ends.

laser cut denim.jpg

Product customisation with your UK lasercutter

Statement pieces at the touch of a button!

laser cut jewelry.jpg

Laser Cut Jewelry

An easy and creative way of producing a complete collection of laser cut jewellery. Necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and rings, as well as personalised and custom pieces, all of these are possible with a laser in place.  Mix different materials such as wood and acrylic and create statement pieces that people will be queuing up to buy! Intricate details and cutting cannot be done any other way.


Make faster decisions and reduce proofing costs.


Taking an idea from design to final product in a single step. The UK made lasers we produce can process many types of material, you can quickly create prototypes that accurately represent your design concept, all without tooling costs. Fabricating prototypes in-house reduces proofing time and expense and makes it simpler to evaluate design changes and experiment with new materials.

Keep prototyping in-house and on time with a Universal laser system. Perform tight-tolerance cutting, marking and etching using any graphic software program, including SolidWorks® AutoCAD®, Illustrator®, and CorelDraw®, to quickly take an idea from concept design to finished product.

Create permanent markings without compromising material integrity.

Our systems are capable of laser marking and laser engraving identification codes that conform to ASTM, GS1, and UID standards.


Create inconspicuous permanent marks on materials such as anodized aluminium without compromising material integrity.

Serial Numbers

Serial and identification numbers can be quickly and easily marked or engraved on a number of materials using a laser system from us. Mark and engrave lot codes and date codes on plastic bottles. Avoid outsourcing costs by fulfilling labelling needs in-house.

Barcode, UID & 2D Matrix

Fast, bold and precise, laser marking offers a permanent solution for complying with government regulations while minimizing the risk of part damage and deformation. We understand the importance of compliance and are a good partner to guide you through UID requirements.

laser engraved serial number.jpg

For further information regarding our range of UK made laser systems, please get in touch!

Solo Fill.png

Desktop Laser Cutter

Solo is a compact desktop laser system featuring high-end specification which belies its cost and diminutive size with 35W laser output and High Speed Laser Engraving options for photo-quality output.

Prestige Fill.png

Prestige Series; Platform

Prestige series is equally at home in the classroom, being a perfect school laser cutting system, as well as performing perfectly in industry with high power output and the fastest possible cutting speeds.

Uniti Fill.png

Uniti Series; XT Platform

Uniti is a high-performance laser cutting platform featuring RF air-cooled laser sources. Compact, ultra-high-performance with high speed engraving and industry leading laser cutting and laser engraving quality.

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