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Refurbished & Ex-Demo

To compliment our range of UK Made Laser Cutting Machines, Kent Lasers also offer approved and certified second-user and ex-demonstration systems. Our stock turns over rapidly, so please check back for the latest range of used laser cutter machines.

Prestige RF 40W (Synrad Firestar V40)

Front closed copy.png

This machine has been used in industry and recently taken in by Kent Lasers with full refurbishment being undertaken. Featuring a Synrad Firestar V40 RF laser module, this system offers the fastest possible engraving speeds, producing every intricate detail in photo engraving on various substrates. The V40 also offers extremely fine power setting and TEM00 beam mode for the cleanest and most accurate cutting currently available.

We have extensively refurbished this system, including full strip and powder re-coating of the entire machine, new cable loom, re-charging of the laser module, and entire mechanical + optical replacement. The machine looks and performs as new.

600X400mm cutting area supplied with both 1.5" and 2.0" lenses/nozzles, including automatic air assist compressor. 120mm Z.

Power test measured at 41.6W

12 Month RTB warranty.


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