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With the ever increasing choice of UK laser cutter and associated equipment on the market, it is often difficult to make a definitive decision when purchasing a UK laser cutter. This can be even more problematic when running a business where reliability of equipment, quality of cut parts and ease of use is crucial, with a UK stock of spares when required.


We believe there are traditionally two main choices available to customers in the UK who are looking to purchase laser cutting equipment:

The “high-cost” route:


So called high-end machines sold by UK distributors who import machinery from the US or Europe often cost upwards of £15,000 for an entry-level system.

High speed laser cutting .png

These machines claim to offer the best solution for business and trade users, with precision and reliability. During the course of our business, we have encountered dozens of this type of machine, and are certain their claims of reliability are indeed correct; however:


The buy-in cost of this type of equipment can be prohibitive, especially for small, or start-up businesses who are developing their markets and client base. Furthermore these systems still require servicing, in order to retain efficient functioning; with basic servicing costing upwards of £600+!


For many clients this is unacceptable, which leads many to our second option:


Chinese machinery:


With various horror stories of Chinese equipment never to far away, it is always a risky business when investing in an imported generic low-end machine. The main issues with such equipment are:


  • Software that is difficult to set up and use.

  • Systems that would never meet UK and EU safety standards; (we have seen this regularly).

  • Bulky cumbersome machinery that takes up unnecessary space and performs poorly.

  • Electronics, optics and laser tubes that fail frequently

  • Poor quality of cut parts

  • Unscrupulous distributors who claim equipment is UK Made


Running a business, which is dependant upon such equipment, can be frustrating with machine downtime costing unnecessary time, effort and money. To add insult to injury, many UK distributors claim the equipment is UK made, with UK Made Laser Cutter frequently referenced in their literature. From our experience this is false; Kent Lasers are one of the only manufactures of UK made laser cutting systems, with all equipment being manufactured from our facility in Chatham, Kent UK.  

Our ethos at Kent Lasers is simple: Put the customer first, with a specialist range of  UK laser cutting machines, that offer the ease-of-use, reliability and quality of cut usually associated with high-priced machines, with competitive pricing which is much more manageable for you and your business.

The image opposite is the Kent Lasers team dismantling a Chinese made laserscript machine, heading for the scrapyard after only 14 months use!


All Kent Lasers systems are UK produced and UK designed, featuring intuitive software, which contains many powerful and advanced functions, combined with unbeatable quality of cut!


Our Systems are compact, with most machines fitting through a single doorway. Furthermore everything that is required to get you up-and-running is built into the machine; including integrated laser cooling and automatic air assist.


We believe that our UK made laser cutting machines offer the most competitive solution for your business, with reliability and excellence of design that cannot be beaten!


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