Kent Lasers: UK made laser cutting systems for Education & Industry. 

Kent Lasers are a specialist manufacturer of UK laser cutting equipment. We design, engineer and produce our entire product range in Chatham, Kent UK.


Unlike our competitors, our UK laser cutter range is produced in-house in Kent United Kingdom. Each model is fully compliant with the latest health and safety and machinery directives, meaning you are assured of reliable and safe machinery; ideal for use in schools, business and public areas.


Our specialist UK laser cutter range has been installed in schools, colleges universities as well as industry with all machines meeting the rigours of full-scale production running 24/7 with hundreds of happy customers.


Our team of UK trained engineers and installers also offer UK laser cutter servicing and support operating throughout England and the UK, providing cost-effective help/support in a friendly professional manner - we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Kent Lasers, offer a UK laser cutter demonstration facility in Maidstone, Kent UK where our customers can gain training as well as hands-on experience using laser cutting equipment - ideal for clients who are new to laser materials processing (LMP). We also offer UK laser cutter training inclusive with every machine, with no time constraints, meaning you can gain valuable knowledge and experience before running equipment.


Our range of UK laser cutting machines start from compact, performance desktop systems, right through to large-format high power equipment used in industry. We are specialists in tailoring equipment to your exact needs, and can optimise machine specifications to efficiently and effortlessly process and produce your product range, engineering and creative projects with perfect results.


Laser Materials Processing (LMP) offers and excellent means of producing bespoke, batch and scale produced parts, with little to no post finishing required to cut edges/items. Our UK machinery offers industry-leading engraving, marking and cut quality with the cleanest possible cut and near-zero distortion to cut parts on a vast range of materials. Our equipment features auxiliary + down-draft extraction as standard meaning contamination is efficiently drawn away from cut parts prolonging the life of extraction filters and honeycomb bed supports.


Laser Materials Processing is also a great way to teach CAD CAM in educational environments with easy set up of cutting jobs, a wide host of standard features making running jobs easy to understand, as well as offering advanced options for more experienced users; the user is put in total control of all machine aspects, resulting in beautifully cut parts for both high-tolerance engineering graphics, and creative users alike.


As all manufacturing and production is performed in house in our UK based facility in Chatham, Kent, we can also keep our costs low, passing on these savings to our customers. We guarantee our UK laser cutter range cannot be beaten in terms of performance, cutting capacity and reliability - contact us now and put our UK manufactured laser systems to the test!

Kent Lasers offer UK made CO2 laser cutting systems with industry leading cut quality and friendly professional support from DBS checked and UK based technicians. 

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