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Why Choose Kent Lasers

Cutting Edge Laser Cutting Systems

No other UK Laser Cutter machine brand can beat our innovative features, ease of use and reliability. Our easy-to-use machines are ideal for school laser cutting & education.

Durable, High Quality Components

Low cost of ownership, easy laser cutter servicing, long-life high precision components used through our entire range. No more expensive laser cutter repairs.

Innovative, Exclusive Features.

Our machines are your ideal production partner, offering intuitive and powerful interface with useful features designed to work with you! 

Experienced Engineers

No other UK laser company comes close to our experience. We emphasise customer service and exceptional value. The best UK Laser Cutter for your business.

Trading since 2014 Kent Lasers has developed a range of UK Made Laser Cutting Machines providing exclusive features and performance simply not found with any other machinery brand. We are the number one choice for Education, providing easy-to-use laser cutting systems for schools with direct compatibility with all current graphics and design software including 2D design, AutoCAD and Illustrator; ideal for your Design and Technology D&T department!


Our High Speed Engraving and exclusive software suite allows our machines to be used in industrial settings making advanced jobs easier to set up and process. These features are simply not found on other machine brands - we give the user full control of all processing functions and design manipulation - all of which is easy to learn and perform.

The mechanical design of our systems is now in its 4th generation, providing a truly robust + tried-and-tested platform requiring low maintenance and servicing.

Please Contact Us to discuss our range of UK Made Laser Cutting Systems
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