Wood Laser Cutting

If you are looking for a UK wood laser cutter, or already own a capable laser cutting system, the following tips and tricks could be useful!


The laser cutting of wood can be a fine balance between perfect edge finishing of cut items, and parts that have excessive burning, reflection marks and distortion, especially in thin-sheet. Our wood laser cutter solutions offer increased flexibility due to allowing the user to set an increased range of cut parameters to achieve perfect results…


This increased flexibility in job setup, is a useful feature when cutting natural / organic materials and wood-based products. These materials come in various iterations, from the humble birch plywood and poplar plywood (often branded laserply or laserply-light) through to more exotic finishes, such as Cherry, Walnut, or Zebrano faced MDF and exotic decorative veneers.

laser cut plywood.jpg

The vast range of available material, and increased variations present in a natural product, means consistently setting up jobs can be difficult. This is where more advanced technologies are required, such as increased power density, single-order laser tubes and finely calibrated high-quality optical elements, which are mandatory when processing this type of material.

The above technologies ensure that the beam is focussed into the smallest possible spot diameter, this results in less material being vaporised by the laser, in addition to lower heat-absorption, which reduces warping and distortion of cut parts. Our wood laser cutter range has all of these features as standard!


Marking and engraving of wooden items is also a useful feature with a wood laser cutter. Ultra-high detail can be achieved due to our variable laser pulse frequency; this ensures the laser can output a very small amount of energy, which is essential when producing fine detail work as not to burn and stain marked items.


Cutting at a power level equivalent to only a fraction of a watt is possible, even from a high-powered system, something that our competitors, running standard glass tubes cannot achieve. This ensures the smallest details are reproduced, with no staining of surfaces – an essential prerequisite for creating high-quality premium gifts, projects and designs.


For more information about our unique range of wood laser cutter systems please do get in touch!