The following information is provided for educational reference ONLY. All repairs should be undertaken by a qualified engineer. The use of the following information is done so entirely at your own risk! Kent Lasers is an INDEPENDENT service provider and not affiliated with any machine brand or manufacturer.

Kent Lasers have designed their equipment to be as user friendly as possible, with a host of advanced features, and an "easy-to-use" approach.  Mechanically each system is also constructed so that routine servicing and maintenance can be undertaken by the user with only basic tools and consumables.

In this tutorial we will cover:

  • Lubrication of linear guides (Recommended at the end of each weeks use).

  • Cleaning of linear rail and guides (Recommended as and when required)

  • Cleaning of optical surfaces

  • Re-tension of belting (Not usually required during normal operation)

  • General machine overview

Optical alignment of Professional (and Prestige) series machines is slightly more advanced and  can be found here.

Machines fitted with advanced GST bearing system (Gliding Surface Technology) (optional) are totally maintenance free and do not require any servicing for the lifespan of the machine.

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