Solo SE-RF 600x360

Solo SE-RF 600x360


Solo is now available with RF (metal tube) laser source. these systems are highly capable for processing thin-to-medium sheet, engraving and intricate/detail work, with ultra-high-speed engraving of up to 1500mm/sec.


Our unique RF laser technology offers performance which belies Solo's price tag, providing performance which will exceed any ,laser brand currently available; put us to the test!


Optimised mechanical system gives the user the benefit of smooth and swift motion, meaning jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently.


Solo features a 600x360mm working area, with maximum 90mm material processing thickness via motorized Z axis. Down-draft bed removes fumes and contamination at source, leaving beautifully cut items. Air assist nozzle and automatically switched compressor is also included.


Perfect for cutting craft materials, producing customised gifts, photo-quality engraving and design/prototyping workshops.

  • Product Info

    40W peak output, maximum material thickness is 30mm for engraving, 3-4mm for batch work and 8mm for smaller designs.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    Solo SE is sold with a 12-month RTB warranty. Onsite servicing is chargable. Laser module is a consummable component and is covered by a 3 month warranty.

  • Shipping Info

    Please contact us for a shipping quotation.

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