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Premium RF Laser Engraving Systems:

Kent Lasers is proud to announce a new range of laser cutting and engraving systems featuring IRADION RF (metal laser tube) laser sources.

RF Laser technology is superior to the DC glass-tube systems, by offering extremely consistent output power, ultra fast response timing, unbeatable power density and longevity.

For our users, this means that power settings as low as 1% of total system power can be achieved; this is crucial for the consistent cutting of delicate materials and high-speed vector marking, with no corner burning or "staining" of materials resulting from power fluctuations.

Fast response timing also enables our machines to raster engrave materials at industry-leading speeds of up to 1.5m/S with perfect quality of output, speeds which cannot be achieved on lesser machinery.

Furthermore high power density IRADION laser sources and premium quality optics allow for the cutting of much thicker materials (when compared to DC systems) with perfect edge finishing and low distortion of cut parts.

Each RF machine is built to exacting standards, and offers virtually maintenance free operation with 24-month warranty on everything, including the laser itself.

We are confident the quality of our systems, will meet, and exceed the output quality of the leading brands, such as Universal, Trotec and Epilog.

Each RF equipped machine comes with:

  • IRADION Ceramic core RF laser unit (Air Cooled).

  • Premium controller and the choice of PC / MAC machine interface software.

  • Average engraving speeds of 1.5m/S.

  • Red-dot materials positioning system.

  • Available lens set-ups at no additional cost.

  • Dual extraction system; Down-draft + Auxiliary.

  • Honeycomb bed available in 3 sizes.

  • Enclosed bearing system; concealed from the cutting process, service-free and long life.

  • Tried-and-tested machine design used extensively in various manufacturing environments.

  • Automatic air assist (Starts when the job is selected; less noise, less fuss!)

  • Delivery, Training Installation and Calibration inclusive of machine cost.

  • 24 Month warranty on everything!

  • Cut and engraving quality which meets + exceeds any other brand.

  • 600x450mm (40W) and 900x650mm cutting area with machines starting at £9995.00

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