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The Dangers of Chinese Lasers...

As a UK manufacturer of laser cutting machinery for schools, we are often shocked by equipment supplied by so-called "UK laser manufacturers". Here is a run-down of what we have found on various service visits; you should look out for these issues too!...

Laserscript machine heading for the scrapyard


Sometimes the cost of service for low-end hardware simply exceeds the value of the equipment, it is therefore not possible to provide consistent or reliable cutting. Usual culprits are worn linear guides+belts, resulting in excessive "slop" in the motion system. Mirror adjusters are also a common area of weakness, which work loose (and throw-out optical alignment) sometimes with only a few hours use. These issues can be addressed in the short-term with careful cleaning of the motion system, and re-checking of mirror adjustments.

Poor safety features.

Another common issue we find is a lack of safety interlocks on machinery. These devices are designed to shut off dangerous areas of a machine in the event of a cover (or lid) being opened, thus avoiding injuries. Interlocks which only pause the control system are not considered adequate due to the likelihood of software glitches or crashes ignoring signals from such devices; a hardware interlock MUST therefore be present.

Gaps in panels.

This is another common concern, as a machines body, or cabinet, is not just designed to look good; this is a crucial safety feature that's designed to keep dangerous parts and processes away from users.

If you can slide a piece of paper through a gap, into a process-area of a machine, you would fail a safety inspection. We have even encountered equipment where an entire hand can be squeezed into the beam path through various gaps, louvres, vents and panels. We consider this extremely dangerous.

Machine Disposal

Non-compliant and end-of-life machinery can be disassembled, and disposed of with the purchase of any new system purchased from Kent Lasers, or LaserCraft This ensures parts and components are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner (materials recycling) and dangerous equipment is no longer in use.


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