Professional RF-Driven (Air Cooled)Systems

Professional Series-RF (Metal Tube RF):

Kent Lasers are now proud to offer our Professional Series of  laser cutters with our own, in-house designed RF (metal tube) laser modules.


Available in power outputs from 30W to 120W RF (Radio Frequency) laser tubes are an industrial solution for both cutting and ultra-high-speed engraving applications capable of photo-quality high speed/high resolution engraving.

RF tubes are produced from all-aluminium housings, with the laser "core" internally sealed, giving operation life-span of up to 6 years average before requiring service. Power output will also offer increased cutting capacity due to high power density optics, and the ability to run at true 100% power setting. (This is traditionally not recommended on DC glass tube systems) Machines come as standard with our own brand of RF Laser, however we can also fit Synrad or Iradion branded units, with full interface and compatibility.


RF tube systems also offer true continuous duty cutting and engraving for use within production lines and time-critical manufacturing applications.

RF Systems are covered via an industry-leading comprehensive 24-month warranty.

Standard models:

Professional Series 608x305mm (140mm Z) 35W RF - Desktop.

Having undergone extensive development over the last 4 years, we are proud to bring you a laser engraving and cutting platform that offers unrivalled quality, power density and processing speed. Utilising our own unique RF metal tube laser source this system offers industry leading performance and consistency for professional users.


Kent Lasers has also developed our own control electronics, which offer high-speed FPGA based processing, and intimate control of both the laser source and motion system, promising high-performance and the fastest job-processing times in the industry. This is matched to our own software, providing a printer-driver interface to your design package, allowing jobs to be sent directly from Corel, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD and practically all other Windows based design packages.

The desktop model offers 140mm maximum Z depth, 608X305mm materials processing area, high-acceleration digitally-controlled motors, enclosed gliding-surface-bearing technology for ultimate motion smoothness and precision. Furthermore a red-dot alignment pointer is included, in addition to automatically controlled air-assist.

A camera interface is also included as standard for ultra-easy alignment of jobs, with the added benefit of auto-nest, allowing for designs to be nested and aligned onto off-cut materials or obscure/irregular sheet sizes.


Professional Series 820x460mm (170mm Z) 60W RF - Platform

With all the refinements of the desktop model, the Professional Series Platform system is equipped with a larger working area of 820x460mm and 170mm of Z travel for accommodating larger material sizes and large pre-built items, whilst still retaining an extremely small foot-print for space-limited workshops and design studios.

The platform series system is a robust and reliable laser platform, being able to take the rigours of continuous duty use within industrial manufacturing environments. Platform machines are fitted with a 60W Iradion (Ceramic Core) RF laser source, controlled by our high-speed control system.

The usual refinements are included as standard, such as, red dot alignment pointer, camera, advanced printer driver with materials database, enclosed gliding-surface-bearing technology, down-draft bed, as well as automatic air assist.

Furthermore advance laser control is featured on all Professional systems, including pulse frequency PPI / DPI setting, divergence compensation and laser health monitoring and power check. 


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