Prestige Series: Industrial

Prestige Series DC:

The Prestige Series of CO2 laser cutter and engraver has been specifically designed for industrial applications where high reliability, ease of use, and excellent quality of output are paramount factors for your business.

This range of CO2 laser cutter offers ultra small spot size, meaning excellent detail ant intricacy can be achieved, in addition to virtually maintenance-free operation. The Prestige series has been proved over many years of development and use to be the most reliable laser platform currently available at  modest cost.

The range starts from £4995, which gives 50W of laser power and 600x450mm bed size, moving up to £7995.00 for the 100W variant with 600x900mm cutting area. Each machine can accommodate a maximum of 130mm Z depth for engraving onto pre-built objects.

Each system can be fitted with different optical setups, to suit your cutting requirements, with integrated red-dot positioning system available on some models, PC compatibility, 12-month warranty and nationwide delivery. All laser cooling is built-into the system, with inclusive automatic air-compressor for the air-assist; providing ultra-clean cutting.

Each machine is compact, meaning more space is made available in your studio or workshop, and features our unique high-torque, low mass motion system.


This range can also be customised to meet specific cutting and engraving requirements, with RF variants available. 

Prestige Series RF (Metal Tube RF):

Kent Lasers are now proud to offer our Prestige Series of Industrial laser cutters with Synrad V series RF tubes. This gives the ability for our clients to perform high-speed engraving of text, infill and bitmap images at high-speeds.


As usual, the output quality of graphics, photos and intricate designs will meet and exceed any other laser cutter brand, with easy-to-use software and long-term reliability.


High-performance RF systems are quoted for on request. Please contact us to discuss your needs. From continuous duty industrial systems used in production lines, through to educational laser cutters for schools and colleges, the benefits of RF technology are numerous. 

Uniti : High Speed Engraving

The Uniti series of industrial laser cutter is our flagship machinery range. Uniti offers extremely versatile operation with customized set-ups available as standard to suit your specific production needs. Uniti was originally developed for the sign making industries who require an acrylic laser cutter capable of processing increased sheet thickness with minimal edge distortion and post processing clean-up. Uniti machines are in use throughout the UK, processing jobs ranging from acrylic laser cut jewelry, MDF laser cut panels, customised MDF laser cut shapes, and other similar industries which require a high volume plywood laser cutter for instance. Uniti series offers a truly universal laser cutter platform, where highly adaptable in-house production is required.   

The Uniti range is guaranteed to provide a high quality cutting platform in addition to being a high speed engraving machine for wood metals and virtually any material. Uniti can additionally be fitted with Iradion Ceramicore laser sources as used by Trotec Speedy equipment.  

Uniti features as standard:

  • Custom laser sources and wattages available up to 200W

  • 3 bed sizes of 620x460mm, 920x660mm 1220x960mm all with 200mm Z-travel.

  • Extraction and air-assist interface as standard

  • Material pass-through as standard (class 4 operation)

  • High-torque, high speed digital sure-step motion system

  • Double-row precision compensated bearing system

  • Integrated differential chiller providing continuous duty at 100% power setting.

  • High efficiency auxiliary and down-draft extraction

  • Magnetic, honeycomb, slat as-well-as custom bed fixtures available.

  • 10,000 hour rated laser source (DC) 3-year warranty on Iradion laser sources.

Uniti offers a truly tailored approach to laser cutting and materials processing. We invite you to contact us to discuss your machinery requirements, we would then be happy to provide a customised solution.

We have provided machines to clients who perform operations ranging from slate engraving, acrylic laser cutting, marking stainless steel, and photo engraving.

The possibilities are endless!


To discuss any of our customised or Industrial machines, please contact us here!

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