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Uniti, Advanced, High-Speed Systems...

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Compact, Quiet & Productive with Small Footprint.

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Integrated Cooling with High-Powered RF Laser Cartridges


Precision bearings with hardened linear guides.


Large Cutting Area 620x460mm
or 920x660mm

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Uniti 30
"Kent Lasers have been an absolute god send for our business! They rescued us from a dire situation with cheap Chinese laser cutters. They built 5 new laser cutters for us in record time, providing honest, impartial advice and support along the way"
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Uniti represents the ultimate in performance and materials processing speed from a compact machine. Able to handle the most intricate jobs with ease, Uniti can process a vast range of materials, and engrave detailing onto virtually any substrate with photo-quality results and ultimate consistency. Featuring our own range of RF driven laser sources providing fast response time, excellent longevity and the lowest re-charge costs in the industry. Built for 24/7 production duties, with low service requirements and dependability you can trust. This range offers performance simply not found on any other machine brand, intuitive interface, automatic air assist and a host of other features which are crucial for maximum productivity within your business.

Uniti 60 Features:

  • 60W High Power density Air-Cooled RF laser cartridge.

  • 620x460mm Materials processing area.

  • 140mm Maximum materials height.

  • Honeycomb Insert

  • Downdraft bed

  • Red Dot pointer

  • Integrated air compressor

  • Advanced software that's easy to use and feature rich.

  • 24 month warranty

  • Dimensions: Width: 1050 Depth: 860 Height: 910 (mm)

£18,875.00 (No Extraction)

£20,675.00 (Package with BOFA AD Oracle fume extraction)

Basic fume extraction from £425.00 (Vent-to-air)

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Uniti 90 offers an advanced CO2 laser processing platform in a compact footprint with the ultimate in reliability and consistency. Featuring a water-cooled RF laser source, allowing for extremely consistent power control for the accurate cutting of thick materials as well as fine substrates due to digital control only achievable with a high-frequency PWM switch signal. Liquid cooling also means external environmental factors are no longer an issue for consistent power output, with true 24/7 operation, and less wear on the laser due to changes in ambient temperature. Uniti is suited towards industrial use, where a robust platform is an absolute necessity, with built-in features for job manipulation and a whole host of other useful software functions, all presented in an easy-to-learn and practical software suite.

Uniti 80 Features:

  • 80W High Power Density Water-Cooled RF laser cartridge.

  • 920x660mm Materials processing area.

  • 120mm Maximum materials height.

  • 4-point bed stabilization

  • Honeycomb Insert

  • Downdraft extraction

  • Red Dot pointer

  • Integrated air compressor

  • Advanced software that's easy to use and feature rich.

  • 24 month warranty

  • Dimensions: Width: 1250 Depth: 850 Height: 900 (mm)

£26,695.00 (No Extraction)

£28,495.00 (Package with BOFA Oracle fume extraction)

Basic fume extraction from £625.00 (Vent-to-air)

Uniti 80
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