At Kent Lasers we understand the needs of designers, and craftspersons who want a reliable system for personal use, or when starting a business in the creative industries. Our range of "personal" machines have been design to be as easy-to-operate as possible, with key features that are suited to the way you work, offering virtually maintenance free operation, and low cost of ownership in addition to processing  advanced jobs.

Laser cutting has become an integral part of any design craft business, with a huge range of compatible materials, including balsa wood sheets, laser ply, laser grade mdf, laser rubber, acrylic and perspex frost as well as the ability to mark metals such as Cermark, silver anodised aluminium, natural anodised materials as-well-as stainless steel and glass engraving. The design possibilities are endless!

Introducing the SOLO SE desktop laser

SOLO is our high-performance desktop laser cutting system designed specifically for home and light industrial use. These machines feature the same high precision components as found on our industrial cutters, all housed in a space-saving bench- top design.

Solo is supplied as standard with integrated laser cooling (air cooled laser) requiring no tubes, pipes or noisy and cumbersome chillers.

Available with 40W HF-DC tube giving the highest possible power density for efficient cutting with small focussed spot-size for extremely fine detail scribing and engraving.

Features as standard:

  • 40W High-Frequency Direct-Drive laser

  • 600x310mm cutting area (accommodates 20mm max. material thickness) 

  • Air-assist nozzle

  • High power density optics

  • USB and Network interface

  • PC and MAC compatibility :)

  • Colour-screen at the machine, giving full operation and set-up functionality

  • High lifespan laser and low maintenance.

From £3995.00

Introducing the all-new Craft Series Laser 

Building on the success of the SOLO, the Craft series offers even more flexibility, with increased processing power, motorised Z axis (allowing 90mm maximum object depth) and increased cutting area of 600x360mm.


Built around our advanced laser platform, this machine provides a compact footprint with the durability and output quality which belies its price tag and diminutive size.

Available as standard with a 50W laser, integrated air cooling (air cooled laser) and high-durability HD optics.

From £5695.00

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