Laser Cutting Examples and use - Fine Detailing

The images opposite demonstrate the difference between a finely calibrated CO2 laser cutting machines opto-mechanical system, as opposed to the "generic" Chinese imported systems.


Kent Lasers only the use the finest quality optical components from II-VI corporation. In addition the use of high quality control electronics and finely tuned power supplies to ensure the laser can fire quickly with the fastest possible response time; this means your designs are cut beautifully in the shortest possible time.

Each of the examples opposite were only 50mm in width.

Kent Lasers Equipment


Competitor System


Laser Engraving Slate

Check out the Kent Lasers Uniti cutting and engraving system in action! Here we are engraving a natural slate coaster at 600mm-per-second. We have to use quite a high power on this material to give a well defined engraving. Here we are using 60% power in a machine fitted with a 40W air-cooled tube. The 1.5" platinum lens gives a good spot size with the edges of the shapes being well defined.

Extraction, even when engraving is very important as fine dust is produced when engraving materials such as slate, glass and ceramics.

Laser Vector Marking: Wood 

More custom items being engaved using the Uniti 620x460mm cutting and egraving system. This time the product is a wooden spoon, which are great for producing customised products and keepsakes!

We are engraving here at 900mm-per-second, but only using 25% power; this is because wood surfaces create very high contrast graphics. As always air-assist is being used, which stops the material surface from burning; (a jet of air is blown through the cutting head, which protects the optic and cools the workpiece. This feature is fitted as standard on all Kent Lasers machines!