Below is a gallery of issues to look out for if you a re considering purchasing, or importing a  Chinese Laser Cutter. For a much, much better solution please click here

Please note:  we were called out to service these machines. We did not supply these systems!

There is no shortage of disasters when our colleagues are called out to service low-end Chinese machinery. We have found, gaps in machine panels which will allow scattered laser light to escape when operating, very poorly terminated wiring, sometimes concerning terminals which carry many thousands of volts, laser tubes that shake loose, optical adjusters than are not secured, flimsy panels, no protective grounding on switches/panels...... The list goes on, we believe this is wholly unacceptable, especially when these machine are installed in public spaces including schools!

The videos below were taken from different machines, however they all seem to suffer from similar issues. Please consider that the rigidity and correct alignment of these devices is essential for safe aiming of the laser beam. With these parts suffering from poor quality, the beam could reflect off surfaces, which presents a combustion and safety hazard. 

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