The following information is provided for educational reference ONLY. All repairs should be undertaken by a qualified engineer. The use of the following information is done so entirely at your own risk!

The main symptoms of worn, or incorrectly tensioned belting are resonant lines (wobble) when high-speed vector marking, engraving artefacts, or cut segments which do not meet; for instance the start and stop portions of cuts do not join. (These will be individually addressed below).

Firstly, visual inspection of the belt should be undertaken. New belting usually has a matte texture with consistent surface finish, and defined edges. Belts which are worn may be frayed at the edges, have a glossy appearance due to material hardening creating a "polishing" effect, or have small cracks.

The image opposite shows a worn belt (left) and new replacement (right). The old piece of belting has a shiny appearance, 

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