Acrylic Laser Cutting

Acrylic is one of the most popular plastics that can be cut with a C02 laser cutting and engraving system. The term acrylic laser cutter, and Perspex laser cutter seem to be a popular search term, therefore reflecting the vast array of applications for this material. Traditionally used for sign making and retail displays acrylic is available in two variants:


Cast which has a slight increase in strength, but a larger variation in thickness tolerance; usually around 10%.


Extruded acrylic has the opposite; it is slightly more prone to cracking and crazing (especially when glued with solvent based adhesives) but has a more consistent thickness.


Popular brands are Perspex, Perspex frost, Acryglas, Acrylcast, and cell cast; these can all be laser cut and engraved quite effectively!

Acrylic laser cutting.jpg

Acrylic Laser Cutting smooth polished edges.

laser cut acrylic.jpg

If you are looking for an acrylic laser cutter our range of machines offer the best edge finish and surface tolerance of any brand, leaving beautifully finished edges that require little or no post-cutting clean-up. As always we recommend cutting this material with the lowest power possible, which prevents flaming, and shrink-back of cut edges.


A power setting of 35-50% is usually adequate, with 4mm material cutting at 35% power, and a speed of 8mm/sec on our popular 50W Prestige series machine (pulse rate disabled for cutting). Furthermore with an acrylic laser cutter the engraving of Perspex and most other brands of acrylic material can also be achieved…


Our engraving machines for acrylic leave a smooth consistent surface finish with the reduced visibility of striations, (which are usually associated with raster scanning lines)

This is due to our unique pulse rate HF-DC laser module, which exhibits cutting characteristics and performance which is much closer to the expensive RF metal tube lasers found on Universal, Epilog and Trotec machines.


Most engraving work can be achieved at around 7-25% power with a pulse rate of 1200Hz and speed set to a minimum of 300mm/sec for bitmap (photo images) and up-to 1000mm/sec for infilling (highlighted shapes).


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